Zoom Spring Seminar #3

TITLE: Where aquatic systems meet terrestrial: An ecological important ecotone!

SPEAKER: Andy Gordon                           


Wherever a stream or lake encounters a shoreline, an important relationship in the form of an ecotone develops. These relationships are never the same and vary considerably across the breadth of geography, topography and geology that is Ontario. Dr. Gordon will discuss these relationships for a small agricultural stream in Southwestern Ontario, a small oligotrophic lake in South Central Algonquin Park – reminiscent of many situations in Haliburton County – and the small lakes in the boreal forest north of Cochrane. He will finish by looking at a small lake in the Northwest Territories and the impact that a large wildfire had on fish populations. The talk will be focused on understanding the two way flow of energy and nutrients across this important ecotone and how this may have a bearing on political legislation such as the local shoreline bylaw.


DATE: Tuesday, May 17, 2022, 7:30 – 8:30 PM

WHERE: Zoom Webinar 


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LKO’s 2021 Conservation Award


Congratulations to Blake Parkinson, LKO’s choice for its 2021 Conservation Award! Blake is a grade 8 student who is the host of “Blake on the Lake”, a series of YouTube videos for kids on such catchy questions as what to do about the invading snails, should we let sunscreen get into the lake, and who’s the best target for mosquitoes. Blake is an Earth Ranger and has organized numerous garbage cleanups and fundraisers for wildlife conservation. During the pandemic, Blake has been giving weekly Instagram shows which he researches and develops on his own. Blake’s conservation efforts were also recognized by the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust 2021 Youth Enviro Hero Award.

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Marsh Marigold: Photo by Wendy Hampson

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