Thank you to all those who came out to LKO’s AGM!

This year’s AGM was be held on June 23rd 2018 at Silver Beach (1827 Wigamog Rd. A record number of 79 people attended the AGM at the beautiful Silver Beach Condominium Community Centre.  New board members were elected – positions to be determined, except for LKO President, Bob Carter will be assuming this position from Vice President to President. Members are Jim Bertram, Glenda Bryson, Bob Carter, John Carter, Jan Gerrow, Wendy Hampson (New), Scott MacPhee (New), Karen Nimigon (New), and Kirsten Sixt.  Thank you to our outgoing LKO President, Gary Wiles, our LKO Membership chairperson, Wendy Yeates, and Newsletter editor, Stephanie Wade for their many,many years of service to LKO.

Some highlights for the meeting:

* Finances are in order with revenue and expenses a small surplus at the moment.  Jim Hadcock, financial reviewer for many years, has resigned.  A new reviewer is needed.  Please contact Jim Bertram ( if you would be interested in helping LKO out in this capacity.

* Membership is 222 out of 564 possible members.  Please encourage your neighbours to join LKO.

* Septic Inspections are coming …. Level 4 septic inspections are underway in Dysart and coming to Minden Hills soon.  Although Lake Kashagawigamog is not being phased in until 2022-2025, Dysarts experience is that 50% of systems inspected this year have required re-mediation.  In the interest of our lake health, if your septic is old, &/or not working properly, please deal with it ASAP.  Leaking septic systems leach phosphorus into the lake, which contributes to blue green algae blooms.  These blooms make the lake unsafe to swim, fish, drink etc. 

* Shoreline alteration and tree cutting also contribute to a lack of filtration for harmful nutrients.  Improved regulations are being considered by Haliburton Country.  This is to enhance our water quality and to help to prevent blue green algae blooms.

* Landfills are costly and a large portion of taxes.  The new restrictions by China on recycling are impacting our costs.  Minden Hills is looking to change to covered bins for household waste (to discourage animals) and weigh scales to increase the fairness of landfill fees.  Dysart is hauling away a large portion of its landfill contents.  It is hoped that the new provincial government will provide some assistance to rural municipalities.  

* Short Term Accomodation Rentals (defined as accommodation of less than 30 days for remuneration) Both municipalities are working to establish a way to deal with the increased issues that have come from the large number of internet sites that market cottage rentals in the area.  The issues include bylaw infractions (noise, parking, fireworks), safety (structural, fire, boating), septic/well/water inadequacies, and infringement of local enjoyment.  Minden Hills is hosting a public consultation in July.  It is expected that some form of inspection, regulation, & licensing will eventually be brought forward.

* Reminder that fireworks are disruptive to wildlife (and dogs!), and contain elements that do not occur in Lake Kashagawigamog naturally.  Minden Hills has bylaws limits fireworks to Victoria Day, Canada Day and Civic Holiday Weekend.  Please be considerate of your neighbours and wildlife.

* NO WAKE Marker Buoys are being installed in Birch Narrows and at Marcus Beach.  Speed limits in these areas and within 30 m. of shore is 10 km/hour.  OPP will be enforcing the speed limits this summmer

* LKO Fundraising Golf Tournament July 7th- Go to our website ( to register!

* Kash Bash 2018 is August 25th -Go to our website to purchase your tickets ASAP! (

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