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President’s Report

Fall 2017

This was a summer that weather wise never really happened. We had record rainfalls cool weather and not much sun. Good things do come to those that wait though, and we have had a glorious run of early fall weather.               

Last year we started a new tradition by having our AGM at a venue on the lake and this year we continued that by having it at the Chateau Woodland Lakeside Community Club. This is the old Chateau Woodland Resort and it has been beautifully maintained by the club members and is one of a few remaining original lodge buildings on the lake. Our guest speaker Debbie Balika, Biologist and Science Advisor for the CHA gave us an interesting and informative presentation on invasive species and explained what dissolved oxygen is and why it is important for water quality in our lake.

County Warden and Reeve of Minden Hills Brent Devolin gave us an overview of both county and Minden Hills’ municipal issues including landfill, infrastructure deficits and shoreline preservation.  He spoke about the need for mandatory septic inspections and advised that Minden Hills had embarked on a program to find the best solution.

Murray Fearrey, Reeve of Dysart et al updated us on what was new at Dysart and also spoke about their plans for mandatory septic inspections, septage treatment and new landfill sites. He advise that his municipality continues to work with the CHA on water quality and shoreline issues. 

A motion was passed almost unanimously, requesting that both municipalities undertake programs for mandatory septic inspections.

Late last fall the former Halimar Lodge was sold to Haliburton Hockey Haven. They have moved their accommodation for kids and ancillary programs to the new facility from Bark Lake. Thanks to owner Troy Binnie the LKO was allowed to run 2 events on the property this year. On July 9th we had our annual regatta and while not very well attended the folks that did come had a great time. On August 26 we held our first annual Kash Bash with Food, Music, Beer and Wine. We sold out and everyone there had a fantastic time. Stay tuned for the 2nd annual Kash Bash next August. We are extremely fortunate to have Kirsten Sixt as our Director of Social Programs. Her energy and enthusiasm are largely responsible for the success of the Kash-Bash. If you wish to join her team of volunteers or have material or feedback on our website, Facebook page or our e-newsletter the Kash-Blast, or an idea for a social event please contact her at

There were two water quality issues this summer that kept your board engaged. We continue to advocate with our municipalities on your behalf for mandatory septic inspection programs.  Working with the CHA we developed a motion that was passed first at our AGM (referred to above) and then at AGMs across the county asking our municipal governments to enter into these programs in a timely fashion and including an accountability piece. You can see the motion on our web-site under the about LKO tab water quality initiatives.

The second issue also revolves around septic systems and the commercial use of some lakefront properties. Once we became aware of the seriousness of this issue we sent a letter to both municipalities on our lake asking them to review the bylaws surrounding commercial use of residential lakefront. You can see the letter on our web-site under about LKO tab water quality initiatives. We hope to have substantial updates on both of these issues in the spring.

Finally I would like to thank our board members, advertisers, sponsors and you our members for supporting the work of the LKO.

Season’s greetings and all the best over the winter. See you in the spring.

Gary Wiles