Motion-re: Mandatory Septic Inspection Program

Motion-re: Mandatory Septic Inspection Program

One of the most serious threats that our lake faces is that of blue green algal blooms. The Canadian Real Estate Association indicates that a bloom on any lake could reduce real estate values by 30%. That is in addition to us losing the use of our lake for the duration of the bloom and facing ongoing blooms in years to come.

Dr. Andrew Paterson of the MOECC (Ministry of Environment and Climate Change) Dorset advises the number one factor causing these blooms is phosphorus.

The MOECC in its Lakeshore Capacity Assessment Handbook states that:

“While shoreline clearing, fertilizer use, erosion and overland runoff can all contribute phosphorus to an inland lake, the primary human sources of phosphorus are septic systems, from cottages, year- round residences, camps and other shoreline facilities”.

Many municipalities have adopted mandatory septic inspection programs which have found that at least 20% of systems are not functioning at peak performance and are therefore polluting our lakes more than necessary.


I move that given that the Lake Kashagawigamog Organization is working towards naturalized shorelines, we need our municipal partners to do their part and institute a mandatory septic system inspection program as soon as possible.

In addition we expect that our 4 municipal councils in the county will work together to find a county wide solution to the lack of proper septage treatment facilities. We expect all of our municipal councils and county council to fully participate in this program and we will be monitoring their progress accordingly.