Recent Water Quality Readings


Blue Wells

Blue Wells-You can see some of the wells have turned blue. These are counted then refer to a chart to get the MPN per 100 ml sample


10 Coli plates in incubator-Temperature set for 35C. Will be incubated for at least 24 hours


Water Bottle Sample near Wigamog-Going to be poured into plate and ensure all holes filled and no bubbles


A empty coliplate


Sept 2017 Water Testing Results, Click on link below
August 2017 Water Testing Results Click on link below

Latest biological water testing of Lake Kashagawigamog by LKO’s Lake Steward, Glenda Bryson. Thank you.
T.C. = Total Coliform Bacteria measured in parts per ml. – Beach warnings at > 1000 – Drinking < 10
E.C. = Escherichia (E-coli) measured in parts per ml. – Beach warnings at > 100 – Drinking 0

DateSecchi Disk ReadingsWeather Conditions
May 23/174.1 meters0945-1200, air 19, water temp 11: Calm in most parts of the lake, except control site. Clean start for the year!
Oct 12/164.95 meters1000-1230, air 18, water temp 14: Very rough - 10 inch waves
Sept 21/165.74 meters1000-1230, air 20, water temp 19: Low waves, cool start warms up nicely.
Aug 17/165.25 meters1000-1300, air 24, water temp 23: Beautiful calm day after a storm. Saw 7 loons at control site.
July 17/164.1 meters1230-1500, air 24, water temp 22: Beautiful day again, July weather has been unbelievable! Results are better than I would have thought given the warm temps. I checked Wigamog twice thinking I had made an error on the first test, but results were similar.
June 15/164.85 meters0930-1200, air 16, water temp 18: The day was calm, warming up and wave action was 2-3 inches. Perfect day for testing.
May 11/164.57 meters0900-1200, air 13, water temp 11: Wonderful results for the first testing for cloriform. Ecoli is about the same as last May.