Lake Kashagawigamog is located in Haliburton – also known as Haliburton Highlands. This wonderful vacation area encompasses four municipalities:

  • Algonquin Highlands
  • Dysart et al
  • Highlands East
  • Minden Hills

Lake Kashagawigamog extends into two of these municipalities – the northern half of the Lake is in Dysart et al and the southern half is in Minden Hills.

Lake Kashagawigamog is but one of many wonderful lakes in Haliburton County.  Other major well-known lakes include Kawagama Lake in the north, Elephant Lake in the east, Paudash Lake in the south-east and GullLake in the south-west. Algonquin Park extends into the north-east corner of the County with its own set of lakes best known to canoeists and hikers.

Haliburton County prides itself on being a four seasons playground. Most people prefer the summer season and their ability to enjoy activities around the water. Others enjoy golfing at the many courses available that cater to both the beginner and the experienced golfer.  There is also live theatre and and many arts and crafts studios that one can visit.  Many others prefer the fall with its colours in yellow, red and gold. Others enjoy the winter season and the opportunity to down-hill ski, cross-countyr ski and snowmobile. Spring is a special time of year when maple sugaring is a key highlight.

Major towns are Minden and Haliburton with many other smaller towns and villages in the County such as Dorset, Wilberforce, West Guilford, Gooderham etc. The proximity of these towns and villages offer opportunities for dining, places to stay, stores to shop in, theatre to see and studios to visit – not to mention shopping for day to day essentials.

The Council for Haliburton County is comprised of the Reeve and Deputy Reeve from each of the four municipalities. Murray Fearrey, who is the Reeve for Dysart et al, is the current Warden for Haliburton County.

For more information on what is available to see and do in Haliburton County you can visit their website at