Invasive Species Testing

2018 Invasive Species Researchers: Alexandre Walsh and Mallory Simpson

Photo by Jan Gerrow

In the fall of 2018, the LKO expanded the Lake Kashagawigamog water quality testing to include invasive species. This work involved starting a project with U-Links and Trent University to

  • design the protocol for testing for invasive species,
  • determine exactly what testing equipment is needed and
  • prepare an invasive species test results report

The project researchers Mallory Simpson and Alexandre Walsh provided the following invasive species information and testing results.

Once a species is found in the lake, it is likely present forever, unless environmental conditions change and the species can no longer survive. We are not testing for the density of a species at this time. At this time we are testing for whether the species is present or absent.

The LKO will continue monitoring for invasive species. Click on the links below to view our findings.