EBlast Post House Update

As most know from previous EBlasts and other media sources, The Post House made application for rezoning. Your LKO Board of Directors became involved for the sole purpose of ensuring the health of our lake. In an appeal to the Ontario Land Tribunal, the application was approved in April. The Board is satisfied that the process went through the proper channels and we look forward to working with The Post House and all other businesses to ensure compliance and the continued health of our lake.


Let’s Get Informed


Proposed Rezoning of Ingoldsby Shoreline Residential Lot By Glencedar Inc.

A revised proposal was submitted to Minden Hills and was discussed at Minden Town Council on June 9, 2022.  Attachment _3 – Planscape Inc. Response to Public .pdf (civicweb.net)  LKO submitted a letter of concern on June 8, 2022.  Click here to see the letter.

LKO submitted a letter of concern to Minden Hills in March of 2021 regarding the Post House advertising services of a commercial enterprise on land zoned shoreline residential. On November 24, 2021, LKO received A Notice of a Complete Application and Public Meeting Concerning a Proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-Law Amendment re 1297 Kashagawigamog Lake Road (known as the Post House). At a recent Board of Directors meeting, it was decided that the LKO Board would voice our concerns with this rezoning application. Click here for a copy of the correspondence letters.

LKO submitted a letter to Council that is to be read at the virtual meeting on December 9, 2021. We believe that it would set a precedent if the municipality were to allow the conversion of a cottage property into a property with C2 zoning. C2 zoning has a very broad scope of permitted uses and Lake Kashagawigamog is considered an “at capacity” lake by the MNRF. LKO’s primary concern is preserving/improving water quality. The LKO believes that an environmental assessment should be completed to determine whether septic capacity can support the intended use. All letters/presentations will reserve a right to appeal if this should become necessary.

Click here to view a map of the existing Zoning for Ingoldsby.

Click here for more information from the Minden Hills website about the Proposed Rezoning of Ingoldsby Shoreline Residential Lot By Glencedar Inc.

Please inform yourself on this important time sensitive issue and share your thoughts with the LKO at development@lko.ca

For information refer to www.mindenhills.ca or www.lko.ca Emails and letters of opposition or support can be sent to Minden Hills planning, and our councillors.