[headline size=”small” color=”336699″]Safe Boating[/headline]Everyone now requires a Pleasure Operator Card in order to operate any boat with an engine on public waterways in Canada. Learn more about safe boating.

[headline size=”small” color=”336699″]Hunting & Fishing[/headline]The Haliburton Highlands is wonderful for fishing year around and hunting in the spring and fall.

[headline size=”small” color=”008000″]The Environment[/headline]

[headline size=”small” color=”336699″]Bear Wise[/headline]The Bear Wise reporting line is available from April 1 to November 30th. Should you need assistance beyond these dates, please contact your local MNR office. Learn the latest bear wise tips!

[headline size=”small” color=”336699″]Community Memberships[/headline]The LKO maintains membership with three primary groups who, on behalf of its members and the groups that they represent, serve as an important voice for major issues. Learn more about FOCA, CHA and CEWF.